Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A year ago today ...

I remember it vividly: I was sitting alone at the Times, watching the ball drop on my little TV at my desk. There was no one around me. I counted down the seconds to myself in complete depression. "Not next year," I thought. "Next year I'll be in New York at some chic party, yelling down the seconds with everyone around me. Next year I'll be in New York."

And with that, I made a resolution to be a New Yorker by New Year's Eve this year. It's the only resolution I've ever kept.

Happy New Year's, everyone.


Tristan Wheelock said...

That's really great. I think I'm going to make my own little resolution now. Have a Happy New Year in New York! It sounds like you're having a blast.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. It really gives me hope that I will make it to the city. It's hard to get up and move away from friends and family but it's what I want and I love that you did it. Hopefully we will both be in the city next year on New Years. :)