Monday, December 8, 2008

The first day

Today was really fun all around. The morning started with me signing all the forms so I can get paid and all that fun stuff. I got an employee handbook which answered a lot of questions I had about the company.

The magazines give away a lot of free stuff for people who write in to the giveaways, so the rest of my day was pretty much spent sorting through mail since they were really far behind. I sorted mail, picked the people who won, typed up labels of the winners' addresses and sorted the products. It sounds monotonous, and it was for a while, but the products were really cool and it was fun to think about what the people's faces would look like when they won.

I also got all set up with an e-mail address (, phone and got on the network. Because Harris publishes two really huge R&B magazines (XXL and King), everyone in the office is really musical. So when I clicked on my iTunes, I got to listen to everyone's shared music files at my desk, which helped keep me awake.

Mary and Mackenzee showed me around the office and introduced me to a bunch of people. Mackenzee also showed me the sought-after product drawer, full of all the leftover products. I'm sure I'll raid that by the end of the week.

One of the women I met told me about a Bed Bath & Beyond that wasn't far from the office, so I headed there after work. I desperately needed some kind of drawers for clothes and a mirror. I asked a woman who worked there how I should get them home, and sure enough, they delivered. So between 10 and 1 a.m. tonight, I should get two sets of cloth drawers, a mirror, trash can and some other organizing stuff. Hooray!

After Bed Bath & Beyond, I stopped at the Old Navy right across the street. I got a couple long sleeved shirts that were on sale for $5 and a really cute gray jacket. Then I stopped by H&M and got a really beautiful cream jacket that was on sale for $60 and a couple hats. I'd say it was a successful shopping day. I still need more pants and warmer shoes, but that can wait till I get paid.

It was about 7:00 by then, so I got on the 1 train and headed home. I made some fettuccine alfredo for dinner and now am watching the Goonies with Chris. I really hope my drawers come closer to 10 than to 1, I'm already getting tired.

Can't wait till tomorrow!

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