Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here at last

Well, today hasn't exactly been the smoothest, but when you're dealing with airlines these days, it never is.

First of all, AirTran lied to me. They said I was on a non-stop flight, and that just wasn't true. It had a stop in Virginia, but I wasn't supposed to have to get off the plane. Upon arriving in Virginia, I find out that there is a two-hour delay thanks to wind in New York, so I de-planed.

After arriving in New York over two hours late, I thought I would be frugal and take a bus to Penn Station and catch a cab from there. The bus ticket guy said it would be here in about 20 minutes, so I paid the $12 and took a seat. Over 45 minutes later, the bus finally arrived, and I was regretting my decision.

I bought groceries online yesterday and picked a delivery time between 8-10 p.m., two hours after my original departure time, thinking that would be safe. By now it was 8:45 and they had called twice asking where I was.

The bus dropped me off at Grand Central Station (not Penn Station) and I caught a cab. Granted, the fare was cheaper, but it took a grand total of an hour and a half after I landed before I got to the apartment. Not worth it. Thankfully Fresh Direct waited for me and I had food when I arrived.

It's now 11:05 and I still haven't started unpacking. I'm thinking I'm just going to set out an outfit and leave that fun step for tomorrow. The four boxes I shipped are supposed to arrive sometime Wednesday.

Well it's time for bed. I need to get up at 7:30 for my first day of work tomorrow. Oh, by the way, it's COLD!!! The high is 30 tomorrow with a wind chill in the teens. It was 70 and sunny when I left Florida. Sigh.


marlow said...

exciting! i wonder if i can order groceries online as well?... it's cold here too, 26 degrees 2 nights ago :(

Lori B said...

Get em girl. Glad you made it Get some rest chica. Let me know how day numero uno goes.