Saturday, December 20, 2008

A white Friday

It definitely snowed a lot yesterday, but nothing like the blizzard-ly conditions everyone was talking about. Here are a few pictures:

Walking home was a bit of a challenge. Stepping off curbs was especially hard. The slush that was on the sidewalks gathered and you could never tell how deep it was, so there were a few times I stepped into an ankle-deep puddle. Thankfully I bought some cheap flat knee-high boots on my lunch break so my feet were covered. It was pretty funny seeing these usually super cool New Yorkers being so careful of where they stepped, every once and a while slipping a little bit. I know, I'm mean.

Friday night was pretty mundane. I wasn't really in the mood to go out, so I just stayed home and watched Mamma Mia, which my parents shipped me. We'll see what I do for the rest of the weekend. Leighann and I might go sledding in Central Park today, which would be fun. There's plenty of snow still on the ground. I'm not sure what we'd sled on, though. I suggested a cardboard box and she suggested a cafeteria tray, so if you see a cardboard box/cafeteria tray hijacking on the news tonight you'll know the story.

Chris left this morning to spend the holidays in Florida for two weeks. Thankfully, we got cable this morning so I have something to occupy myself with while I'm home. I'm spending Christmas in Connecticut with my old roommate Mandy and her family. Of course I'd rather be home, but I'm thankful to have her family to spend it with. Being alone in the apartment on Christmas would be really depressing. And I'm excited to see her home town.

Well, it's my first weekend alone in the City. Hopefully I don't get lost and end up in Jersey.


marlow said...

your blog is slowly making me afraid of snow.

Sherry said...

I'm glad you'll have a place to spend Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas! I'm spending my first one in Florida. No snow for me :-P