Monday, August 31, 2009

The perfect weekend

This past weekend can only be described as perfect.

On Friday, Rich and I celebrated our six-month anniversary with dinner at Tavern on the Green. It was so beautiful. The floral walls, colored chandeliers and intimate tables made it one of the most romantic restaurants I've ever been to. Plus, being at such an iconic New York landmark was really special. The food was surprisingly delicious, and the lobster bisque was the best I've ever had. Then, Rich surprised me with a room at the Hotel Pierre right by Central Park. It was the perfect way to celebrate our first big landmark in our relationship.

Then on Saturday we went to our friends' Josh and Leighann's birthday/housewarming party. They have a great roof deck and it was great to be with close friends and make some new ones while grilling out and having a great view of the East River Bridge. So much fun.

Sunday was a great, relaxing day. Around 3 o'clock, Rich and I went to explore the High Line. The High Line is an old train track that was used for transporting materials in the '70s and hasn't been used since then, so it became overgrown with weeds and plants. It's now been turned into a park, which is really cool. Also, it's about a block away from our apartment, so there's no excuse for us not going to see it. It's just one of those really unique New York things and it was a beautiful day to experience it. Then we wandered around the Meatpacking District and came across several fun restaurants and shops, and ate dinner at a cute Mexican place with a lot of character. Finally, we met up with Josh and Leighann to see the movie "Julie and Julia" for a little double date. It was a perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

Below is a picture of the High Line:

Since Rich and I spent so much time away from the city this summer, we're making an effort to experience New York more while we can. Last weekend we went to the Met and the Museum of Natural History with the kids, which was a really fun time. I had never been to the Natural History Museum before, so that's one more museum checked off the list!

To say I'm lucky would be a great understatement.

Fashion Week Countdown: 10 days!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Special deal for Life's a Runway readers!

Attention deal divas everywhere - get $30 off Ugg boots! The owner of is a fan of this blog and wants to offer you all a discount from her store! All you need to do is visit her Web site and enter the code FIERCEFASH into the cart. There are no conditions and it's possible to ship to all countries.

She sells a few different styles of sheepskin boots including the classic tall and short styles and also the mini and metallic (gold and pewter) boots. They are an Australian-owned business and have been selling sheepskin boots for about six years. Their main focus is on providing the best customer service and the highest quality boots - which they do by only purchasing the highest quality (A Grade) Merino sheepskin.

The price for their most popular boots the Classic Talls is $115 USD (which makes it $85 if you use your $30 gift card). Everything is still handmade and they use a grading of sheepskin fleece which is slightly thicker than traditional ugg boots which creates a softer and more cushioned feel.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fashion Week countdown begins!

This just in: I'm going to Fashion Week again! I've been trying to get in to The Tents so Laurie and I could network for eFlirt Expert (and because I wanted to get into The Tents) so I sent out a few e-mails to people who I knew had a few extra passes. And we're in! One of the people I interned with at IMG came through yesterday and told me I could pick up a couple a few days before Fashion Week starts. These passes don't get us in to any shows, but they get us in to the Tents, which is good enough for me.

This is a really great opportunity for eFlirt Expert. Crazy networking goes on inside the Tents and it's a way to get some high-profile clients. Plus, Laurie has never been to a Fashion Week, so I'm excited to take her during the last time it'll be in Bryant Park. It's moving to Lincoln Center next year.

Fashion Week Countdown: 35 days