Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Um ... what do I wear?

So I'm still incredibly excited about the awesome opportunity to intern with IMG during fashion week. But I'm now faced with a dilemma ... What the hell do I wear?

I've never been to a fashion show, let alone one in New York. I've always heard that you should wear the designer, but we all know I can't afford that. It's also well known that the New York uniform is all black, and I had heard that a lot of places require their interns to wear all black so they don't stand out.

So I asked my super-nice and super-well connected contact, In Touch Weekly editor and USF grad Michelle Lee, and she put some of my questions to rest. Here's what she suggested:

I had the same exact concerns when I moved up from FL! Not true that you should wear all black altho you can if you want. I'd say, don't dress like you're trying too hard--ie, don't come all Devil Wears Prada-y in Chanel or anything...ha ha. The Daily isn't like the Vogue offices where you have to look fashiony all the time. Also, as an intern, you should look like you're ready to do whatever they want you to do--whether that's running around town or getting up on a ladder to file something--so don't dress up TOO much--you'll want to give the impression that you're comfortable enough to do whatever they throw at you.

That being said, it is a job during fashion week so you should look stylish every day just in case they ask you to run to a show. Sorry, that was a little convoluted--did that help?

It did help. So here's my styling plan for myself. I need cute but comfortable new shoes that aren't open-toed. I also need to stock up on cute separates that I can mix and match. I think a store like Forever 21 would be best ... their clothes are super cheap and cute so I can get more for my buck. But I do want to invest in some nice dark straight wide leg trouser jeans and some cute knee-length flowy skirts.

Good news: I got a new day job today to help me save up some more, so hopefully I'll be able to go on a shopping trip before I go up.

Everything's coming together! =)

Monday, July 28, 2008


It's official - I'm going to intern for IMG during fashion week!!! Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now. It's not for sure what I'm going to be doing yet, but the Executive Editor said that they'd probably have me working on the Web site and COVERING some of the shows!!! AAAHHH!!!

For those of you who don't know what IMG is, they're like a huge deal in fashion. They RUN fashion week have a web site (fashionweekdaily.com), magazine and another mini magazine that they run during fashion week. I'm going to fly in to NYC Sept. 4th and leave Sept. 13th.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Personal style

I've been thinking a lot about my personal style lately, mainly the fact that I don't really have one. I love and admire many different aspects of the style industry, but my own wardrobe is horribly dull. It basically looks like a college student: jeans, flip flops, Hollister tank tops ... you get the idea.

So I've decided it's time for a change. I think my problem in the past has been my fear of taking risks. I'm drawn to very classic, simple lines and styles, which is fine, but I think the key to making me stand out will be in the details. I've always loved big bold accessories — long bright necklaces, big earrings, big bags, high heels — I could almost be happy going out in public naked with a fabulous bag and stilettos. Of course I don't over-do it on the accessories. If I wear a bold necklace I'll wear very small earrings if any at all, and vice versa.

But there's one fun accessory item I haven't tapped into yet: the hat. Fedoras are huge this season in Carolina Herrara's line, and other designers are using them also. Especially in Florida, where the only hat to be seen is a baseball cap, a hat can really make a person stand out. I also want to start wearing more skirts and day dresses. I've always loved seeing girls wear them during the day with a pair of strappy sandals, but haven't done it myself.

Today I took the first major step in making myself more fashion forward: changing my hair. Like every other fashion-loving darling, I love the movie The Devil Wears Prada, and every time I watch it, I love the character Emily's hair. Bold bright red with her equally bold eye shadow makes a great statement. So I thought I'd jump in. I originally had hair more like the main character (I actually brought a picture of her in when I got it done before), long, brown, with a bold bang, so this would be quite a change.

However, I don't think the hairdresser was as sold on the idea. So, to protect me, she decided to put in a lot of low lights to break it up. She also didn't cut it as short as I wanted. So, while I have pretty red hair, I also have black streaks in the way, and the style got lost in the length.

I'm going back on Thursday to fix it, and my quest to define my personal style will continue. I thought the only person I would have to argue with about taking the plunge would be myself, but I now realize other people also might not be so willing to give up the old me.

Update: I totally love my fixed hair. It's shorter, with a bolder bang and it's redder. Here it is:

Monday, July 7, 2008

The history of fashion ... sort of

This is a pretty funny take on a straight guy's view of the history of fashion.

If you're wondering, the Calkins guy he mentions in the beginning is my friend. Michael Calkins actually asked him to do this show under his brother, John's, name.