Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy climate change, Batman!

Today was unseasonably warm. And when I say unseasonably warm, I mean that anyone who wasn't convinced of global warming before should be now. The high was 67. 67! The high yesterday was 45 and the high tomorrow is 41 with a lovely mixture of snow and rain coming our way. Not that I'm complaining about the warmth. I took the opportunity to wear my Bebe wide-leg capris and heels for possibly the last time for months to come. I wore a scarf and jacket today out of habit, and ended up taking them off after I started to sweat on my walk to work. Weird.

I took a different route to work today. Instead of the 1, I took the A express train and transferred to the D at 54th St and got off at 34th instead of 23rd. It took about 10 minutes off my commute and there's a lot more to look at on the walk to work, plus I don't have to deal with the tunnel and hopefully running into those punks. I didn't take it before because I don't have to transfer when I take the 1, but it's worth it.

Plus, on the ride home, I had three random acts of kindness happen to me. First, a woman saw me standing and purposely saved her seat for me when she got off. Then, three French tourists, who didn't speak any English, understood what she was trying to do and slid over to make it easier for me to go through the crowd and sit down. Finally, a guy held the door open for me at the end of the station. I got off feeling touched and had the peace of mind knowing that I was on a nice train.

This week is full of fun events. Tomorrow at work, a guy is bringing in breakfast for the whole office, which is nice. I'm really excited for Wednesday. I'm going to lunch with the gang from work, including the EIC, and then I'm going to meet my friend's sister for dinner and drinks at Revival. Not only for dinner and drinks, but we're also going to bring in Rocky Horror Picture show to watch at the bar, which everyone is excited about. I've never seen it (I know, shocker) but everyone we tell instantly starts singing the songs. So it'll be a fun night and a great way to meet someone new.

Then Friday my dad is coming to town. I'm still not totally sure what we're doing, but it'll be fun. And Saturday after we have dinner and he flies back I'm meeting a girl who've I've been talking to online who lives here to go dancing. Hopefully I hit it off with her and her friends so I can have some girl friends in the city, of which I have none of yet. So hopefully after meeting my friend's sister and her group I'll start building my own group good friends.



Tristan Wheelock said...

I read your blog way too much...

Fierce fashionista said...

You know you're a fashionista at heart, Tristan. =)

katnc24 said...

Aw, what a fun week! Find us some dancing partners, wifey!

mD said...

Come to Denver. There's proof global warming doesn't exist. It was -15 earlier this week.

Allison said...

It was 67 yesterday -- and it snowed today. (My parents are there, they told me, hahaha).

That's ridiculous! Were you near the snow today?? =)