Sunday, December 21, 2008

New friends make for a fun weekend

I had a really great weekend. It was fun, relaxing and just right.

Saturday night I met Meredith for drinks at a wine bar in Harlem. She and I had been talking for a few months online but this was the first time I met her. We started talking because I saw her ad on Craigslist saying she wanted to find a fun roommate, so I e-mailed her telling her I was coming to New York. I'm obviously not her roommate, but we kept talking and finally met up. We had a really good time. We have a lot in common and got along great, and I am really thankful to have another girl friend in the city. The wine bar was really cool, too. It was pretty small and had a really good atmosphere about it. The people were easy to talk to, too.

Today I went sledding in Central Park with Leighann and her boyfriend Josh, which was awesome. It was quite a voyage to get there. They're on the east side, so I had to take four trains to get to our meeting spot. But once I got off the train, I realized that I was in the heart of the Upper East Side. Dogs had Burberry coats on, children were wearing Chanel, every building had a doorman, women were wearing extravagant furs, and I swear I saw a real-life version of Chuck Bass (from Gossip Girl).

They picked up a tube to sled on, so we all shared that. Here are a few shots:

We also made snow angels and had a little snow ball fight. Once we were sufficiently frozen, we went back to their place to hang out and have some hot chocolate.

I'm starting to build my own little circle of friends, and it feels good. I don't feel so alone in a big city anymore. I'm leaving Wednesday to spend Christmas with Mandy and I'm really excited about it. Life's good.

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Mandy said...

It looks like you're having a great time! Can't wait to see you ;-)