Saturday, September 27, 2008

The lack of fashion in St. Pete

Hey folks - I have to say, I miss looking forward to posting all about my daily fashion adventures, because in St. Pete, there aren't any. None.

There was a woman in Publix the other day who had on a cute sundress and heels, and her 5-year-old daughter looked equally cute. Kudos to her for not letting the fact that she is a mom get in the way of taking care of herself.

I must say, I haven't been doing a very good job at all of keeping up with London or Paris Fashion Week, both of which were going on the past couple weeks. I know, what kind of fashionista am I? Not a very good one, I guess.

Going from the excitement of the Big Apple to the lackadaisical Burg hasn't been easy. Can I go back now?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The woman that is New York

Here I am, sitting at my desk at the Times, missing New York like crazy.

Something occurred to me on the flight home: I really respect the kind of woman New York is. She's a tough broad, New York. She's not prejudice, she welcomes everyone of every race, religion, political party and sexual orientation, but you have to prove yourself to her. She's not just going to hand you success, you have to go out and get it. She's skeptical, only the people make their own path will earn her respect. But once you have her trust, you can make it anywhere.

She's real. She doesn't sugar code anything. She is the way she is and she makes no excuses for herself. She's alive. Her favorite hangouts don't have a closing time. She makes each day count. She's full of opportunity. She's glamorous. She's fabulous.

But like every woman, she has a dark side. There are streets you don't want to cross. Allies you don't want to go down. But even these parts of her she presents with pride. The people who see her dark side daily are the toughest of the bunch, and they know it.

She's independent. She hasn't had it easy, but she wouldn't have it any other way. She's unforgettable. Love her or hate her, you'll always remember the first day you met New York.

I, for one, love her. My nine days there have solidified my need to follow my dream. It wasn't a vacation, I lived there. I took the subway, I worked, I didn't eat out or go out often. For a week and a half, I lived in New York. And it wasn't nearly long enough. I met people who came from where I come from who have made it in the industry I want to be in. They did it, so can I. And they're willing to help me, so I have no excuse to fail.

I miss her, and I know she misses me too. But I'll be back soon.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Phat Spring 2009


No one can say Kimora Lee Simmons is afraid to take risks. Celebrating 10 years of her line, Baby Phat, her new collection aptly named "Decade" takes streetware to the next level. Experimenting with different colors, such as bright purple for men's shorts, or new shapes, such as super short shorts and cropped jackets for women, Simmons surprised attendees.

"I just want to further push the Baby Phat lifestyle: to be fabulous, to be bigger than life, to be over the top. You know, giving it to them how we usually do," Simmons said in a tribute video that preceded the collection.

And boy, was she over the top. The main thing that tied all the looks together was gold: gold chains, gold pinky rings, gold sneakers, gold belts ... you get the idea. It was all delightfully Kimora.

Baby Phat wearers expect nothing but the forefront if fashion forwardness, and they won't be disappointed this season.

Christian V Siriano Spring 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, we have met the next huge American designer. Christian Siriano, winner of last season's Project Runway, has proven he is anything but a one-hit-wonder with his Spring 2009 collection.

Pops of bold colors, ruffles and new, different lines make his design as couture as one can get while still being wearable. He kept with is dramatic style when styling his gowns and his androgynous style when styling his pants. These looks paired with large hats and super high colored heels made his pieces complete. He even added color to the model's makeup, frequently painting their eyebrows or lips yellow or teal to match the color in the outfit. The audience frequently broke out and cheered when his more dramatic looks went down the runway.

The woman who is lucky enough to wear his clothes will be the center of attention for all the right reasons.

Aurelio Costarella Spring 2009


Aurelio Costarella's Spring 2009 line was full of clean lines and simple colors with a few surprises thrown in. The only colors used in his collection were purple, yellow and teal, but most of his pieces were black and white or cream.

He paired conservative dresses with bold ruffles at the collar or an asymmetrical neckline, or both. However, these additions balance out the simplicity of the outfit instead of overwhelm it. His taste is impeccable and his surprises are met with delight.

Costarella's line is for a young businesswoman who isn't afraid to take risks in beautiful clothes.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 9: Like there's no tomorrow

Recap of last night: I cannot even begin to describe how great last night was ...

At 5:00 I met up with Patty Adams, editor at Page Six Magazine and another USF grad. I got her contact info from Michelle. She was super busy but was so great to squeeze me in. We talked for about half an hour about how she made it and what I could do. Both she and Michelle said the importance of knowing when to move on from a publication. It's really the only way to move up and the best way to negotiate salary increases.

Then I met Chris up by the tents. I told the guards he was with me and he didn't have a problem getting in. I didn't have any time to stay, because I had to run to Christian's show.

Thank god I was not a minute later, because I was literally the last person to get in. And oh how there were celebrity sightings! Ok, when I say celebrity, I mean D-list reality TV stars, but they're celebrities to me. Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Sweet P from Christian's season of Project Runway and Melissa from MTV's the Real World were all there. This was also the most reported show I've gone to so far. MTV News, E! News and some other news stations were covering it.

I didn't get a chance to download my pictures and video on my computer last night, but when I do I'll give you a full review of the show. Let's just say it was fierce, or in the words of Heidi, uuber fierce. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

After that I met back up with Chris at the tents. He had made friends with a nice stylist and we chatted for a bit. Then she got up to get in line for the Aurelio Costarella show and asked if we were going. We didn't have tickets, so she told us she would just tell them we were with her. Amazing! We were one of the first in line for the standing section, and it was my best seat so far. Not to mention the show was so beautiful. Vanessa Simmons was spotten in the front row. Again, I'll write a full report when I download pictures. Sorry, I'm being a slacker.

After that, Chris was beyond amazed at this new fashion world I had gotten him in on, that he bought me dinner. We went to this fun bar over in Hell's Kitchen and I had a healty meal of cheese sticks and fries. There was a decent band playing too.

Around 11:30 we decided it would be best to go home since we both had to be at work today. That was my best night yet by far.

Today: I can't believe I only have 24 hours left in the city. Tonight promises to be amazing though, with the Baby Phat show at 7 and Tom and Mike coming in for the Yankees game. It's my last night, so I'm gonna live it up. I can sleep when I get home.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 8: Seven years later ...

It's interesting being in New York for September 11. I thought I'd be seeing a bunch of signs and memorials everywhere, or at least hear it brought up in the office. But no, nothing. The only thing that even reminded me that it was Sept. 11 was a memorial on TV this morning.

People here seem to have gone back to normal. Today is just another day. That is for the best, I think. However, I'm sure none of them have forgotten. Even though that fateful day will have a place in all of our hearts, the terrorists haven't won, and we can go about our day today in peace.

On another note, I'm beyond excited to go to Christian's show tonight. I'm kind of slumming it, though. I learned last night that you can really get away with wearing anything and no one will look at you twice, so I'm wearing skinny jeans, flip flops, a black tank top and a grey pinstripe vest. My feet cannot take another night in heels. I've never needed a pedicure more badly in my whole life. I'm sure I'll glam it up for the Baby Phat show tomorrow. Kimora demands it.

I can't believe it's already 2:00. I've actually stayed pretty busy today, which is nice. And I really can't believe that tomorrow is my last day here. It's gone by so fast. I don't know how I'll be able to go back to life in St. Pete.

Mara Hoffman Spring 2009


Mara Hoffman's show was beautiful. Most of the pieces had bold prints and colors that looked like they were from somewhere in the Middle East, and were made of very light fabric. A trend that I saw in her show and in pictures of other shows is very loose, free-flowing clothes. Many of her sundresses could double as a bathing suit cover.

The bathing suits were mostly monokinis - one pieces that looked like bikinis but had a piece of fabric connecting the two main pieces.

The few long dresses looked like they could still be dressed down easily with a pair of flip flops. They were speghetti strapped that fit closely on the chest and then flowed away from the body, keeping with the overall theme of loose fabric.

On the Inside

Hey peeps - sorry for the delayed post. My videos and photos took forever to load on my computer last night, so by the time they did I was way too beat to write about anything. Anyway ...

Inside the Tents

I walk up the steps of the Mercedes-Benz tents, past the groups of gawking onlookers. The same security guard who stopped me a few nights before nodds me through. I'm in.

People are everywhere. Live videos of the current show can be seen on a circular centerpiece in the middle of the room and its music is being pumped through the speakers. Between the music and the people trying to talk over it, it's loud. Two Mercedes-Benz cars are on either side of the room. Fashionistas are giving air kisses left and right.

There's no dress code -- people are in jeans and flip flops, dresses, mile-high heels, super short shorts, t-shirts, gowns -- one guy who stands out in my mind had on sneakers, red stockings, black cut-off jean short shorts, and some kind of fur shawl/jacket thing.

I walk up to one of the stands and get my free French martini (holy cow, it tasted good). Then I find a coveted opening on one of the seating areas and ask the two gentlemen to my left who they're here for. The one in the clear glasses looks me up and down and simply says, "Vogue" in a disgusted voice as if I should've known that. I explain that it's my first Fashion Week, and they immediately perk up. They ask how I like it and we make small talk for a couple minutes. Clearly tired of talking to the new girl, they politely get up and tell me to have fun.

I get up and walk around some more and then meet a nice girl who asks me where I got the magazine I'm holding. I point her to the information booth that has scores of free magazines. She comes back and we start talking. She's a 17-year-old senior in high school from Slovakia who is trying to get signed by a modeling agency. This is her fourth fashion week, she explains. Yeah ...

Needless to say, it is useful befriending a pro. She knows just what to do when it is time for us to line up for the Mara Hoffman show. Lesson No. 1: Just because you've been confirmed for a show, doesn't mean you get a seat. When I check in, the woman hands me a card that says "stand." Lesson No. 2: Just because you get a standing card, doesn't mean you'll actaully get in. We are smart and come early so we are in the front of the line, but the people in the back aren't so lucky.

We walk in after all of the people with seats sit down and take our spots in the standing room. People shift around trying desperately to find a spot where they can see. The music gets louder. The lights go down. Time for the show to start.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 7: Let the fun begin

1:30: THIS JUST IN - I've been confirmed for the Christian Siriano show tomorrow night! Hopefully I'll get to shake hands with his fierceness himself. Will there be a Heidi spotting? Will Michael Kors be there? Gay Jay from Season 1? TIM GUNN?! Oh the possibilities!

AND I just got an e-mail from a travel Web site saying they want to advertise on my blog. Maybe this thing will make me some money!

11:00 a.m.: So I'm at the Daily, trying to contain my excitement for tonight. I'm going to my first runway show EVER and it's inside the tents!

I spent some time last night researching Mara Hoffman, the designer I'm seeing, and I loved what I saw. Her spring line last year was full of super-cute, wearable sundresses and her fall line had so many chic knits and fashion-forward hats. I can't wait to see what she has in store tonight!

The show is at 8, so check back later tonight for a full report from inside the tents. I was also confirmed for a VNY Model Management party tonight, but I don't think I'm gonna go. It's hard enough as it is for me to wake up at 7:30 and I'm already gonna be out late.

Work is going better so far today. I had enough things to do to keep me busy until this point, so that's a good sign. And my bangs are behaving too, so that puts me in a good mood, haha. I'm super hungry though, should've grabbed a bagel on my way in this morning. Hopefully lunch will be here soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 6: Making things happen

3:30: So I got back a little while ago from my lunch with Michelle Lee, editor at In Touch Weekly and former USF grad. She had so many great tips for me on how to get my foot in the door and was so encouraging.

Basically she told me that the best way to get started was to start freelancing now. She also said to start e-mailing editors around December to set up interviews for when I come back in February and move in March. She said to let her know when I start doing that and she would forward my resume for me, which is awesome.

One thing that I found really encouraging was when she said that I would only need one internship at the most, and that I might be able to go straight into a paying editorial assistant position becuase of the experience I already have. At this point I think I'm on a great path. Between Michelle and my ambition I don't really think I'll have a problem.

I'm back at the Daily now. At this point I'm just going to use my down time and start brainstorming freelance articles. Every time I ask if people need anything, I feel like I'm bothering them more than helping, so I'm going to sit at my desk until they tell me they need me. I understand that everyone is busy and I know I get like that when I'm busy too, so I get it. I'm here if they need me, if not, that's fine.

I'm going to the Mara Hoffman show tomorrow at 8 at Bryant Park and then to the VNY anniversary party afterward. Stephanie from the Times is going to Fed-Ex me an invite to the Baby Phat show on Friday so that's super exciting too. I still haven't heard back from the Christian Siriano show on Thursday that I really want to go to, so I'll give them a call tonight. I'm also super excited for Friday because my friends Mike and Tom are coming into the city for the Yankees game, so we're all gonna party it up that night.

I can't believe I only have three days left!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 5: I've got the golden ticket

Hooray invitations! Today Valentine handed me three full manilla envelopes of invitations for various events and said, "Pick whatever you want." AAAHH!

Unfortunately most of the events are already full, but I've already been confirmed for the Mara Hoffman show tomorrow at 8. Yay! Among the invites is the Christain Siriano show, the fierce Project Runway show winner from last season. Cross your fingers I get in!

I also got the Fashion Week pass that lets me get into the tents. It doesn't let me into any shows, but I get to go into the lobby and press lounge whenever I want.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Michelle Lee for lunch over by the tents, which I'm also super excited about. We're going to Osteria al Doge, an Italian restaurant. I'll wander over and peak in the tents before I go back to the Daily.

Today at work was a bit stressful. Not because I had a lot to do, but because everyone was pretty on edge. The internet was down for a couple hours this morning so they lost a lot of time and were scrambling to make up for it all day. I had a little more to do than the other days, but not much. Oh well, I got fun invitations!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The first glimpse


Ladies and gentlemen, behold, it's the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents at Bryant Park.

I've been bursting since I got here thinking about all the fashion-y stuff that's been going on only a few blocks away, so I decided to check it out myself tonight. I tried to get in, but that wasn't happening. I passed several models on the street, none I really recognized but models nonetheless.

I want to go in!

Day 4: Trying to keep up

5:30: Just got back from the office, not a whole lot to report about today. They didn't really have anything for me to do, so I kind of just sat around most of the time. I wrote four or five quick blog posts and helped an editor rephrase a blurb for the magazine and that's pretty much it. They said they'd have a lot for me to do tomorrow, so that's exciting.

So yesterday I met Valentine, the senior editor, and he told me they had a lot of extra invitations for events if I wanted to go to any. So today I e-mailed him and asked if I could take him up on his offer, and he said he'd give me some stuff when he was in the office next. Hopefully I'll see him tomorrow and we can get down to the really fun stuff!

Random thought: My hair color seems to be popular with bums. Two homeless people commented to me about it yesterday and one did today.

I'm thinking I might go over to Bryant Park tonight and see what's there. It's a beautiful day today, the rain must've cooled things down, so it would be nice to take a stroll somewhere. Maybe I'll finally see someone famous.

11:00: Today hasn't started very well. I think the burger I ate last night must have been bad, because it made me sick all morning. I had to do the unthinkable and call into the Daily, which really really sucks. But the good thing is that I feel better now so I'm gonna head in. Hooray!

Quick recap of last night: Chris and I went to ESPN Zone in Times Square to watch the USF vs. UCF game. It was a much closer game than I wanted, but at least we pulled it out in overtime and won. Afterward we walked around Times Square and of course I took some pictures. Luckily it had stopped raining by then. Then we waited for what seemed like forever for the train to head home. It was fun to catch up with him and watch our Bulls win.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 3: Getting acclimated

5:30: I'm finally almost back to normal. It was touch and go there for a while. I left the office around 3:30 because everyone was super busy and there wasn't really anything for me to do. Thank god for that because my hangover had begun to turn into a migraine.

It had been drizzling all day, but of course as soon as I leave it begins to pour. I bought an umbrella specifically for this trip, but of course didn't think to bring it with me. So there I was in my cashmere sweater and white Bebe dryclean-only pants in the pouring rain. I took off my sweater in an attempt to save it, so that means I had a white cami on that was soaking wet. Yeah, I got a couple shouts. Whatever, it's New York, people have seen more than a wet tank top.

Lesson learned: it is impossible to catch a cab in the rain. Impossible. Considering how horrible I was feeling and the fact that it was raining, I would've gladly paid for a cab ride home instead of taking the subway. But after spending way too much time trying to catch a cab, I walked to the subway anyway. By the time I got there, I was literally dripping. I'm trying not to think about what kind of infection my blisters might get from stepping in those puddles.

Only certain trains run on the weekend, so the ones that do are always packed. I now have a new version of what Hell would be like: damp, smelly New Yorkers packed in body to body on the subway and me soaking wet with a migraine. Horrible.

So as soon as I got back to Gordon's I took a shower and then took some Motrin and laid down. Thankfully the Motrin is working. Chris and I are gonna find somewhere to watch the USF vs. UCF game tonight, which I'm excited about. No drinking tonight though.

1:30: I'm at the Daily offices right now. So far today I've written a few blog posts for the "Chic Report" on the Web site and updated a few more events on the calendar. There isn't a whole lot for me to do right now, but it's cool because there's a lot of activity in the office that I get to observe.

They're about to send off today's issue, so everyone is checking over flats and making corrections. The magazine itself is really cool, I'll bring home some copies. It's bigger than most magazines but fewer pages because it's a daily. The art really pops and there's a lot of the "torn pages" look to it, where the graphics look like torn pages on top of the other pages. It's really fun looking.

The more I think about it, the more the idea of working for a daily magazine would be perfect for me. I've been working at daily newspapers for over four years and I've often thought about how it would be so different to not have a daily deadline. Most magazines are planned months in advance, but this one is put together every day. Brilliant!

I'm a little tired today. Ok, a lot tired. Gordon and I went out to this cool bar in the Village with a couple of his friends and we stayed longer than we should have ... and drank more than we should have. It was more than a struggle getting out of bed this morning, but I'm feeling better now after some food and activity. I feel bad for Gordon, he had grad school this morning at 8:30. Ouch.

I'm thinking I'm gonna try to meet up with Chris or Marissa tonight. We'll see what happens. I need some sleep first.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Holy pashmina!


Ladies and gentlemen, a trend has taken over New York City. Pashminas! They're everywhere!

What is a pashmina? It's a fancy word for a scarf, basically. Um, it's hot in New York, people. Not just a little warm, HOT! Especially when you're speed walking to your next train or anywhere else. Alas, New Yorkers have taken to wearing these pashminas with everything: shorts, tank tops, jeans, business wear ... Usually the look is big sunglasses, t-shirt or tank top, shorts, flip flops and a ... scarf?

I must say, it is kind of cute. Very Mary-Kate. Maybe I'll pick one up before I leave. I know, I'm a sheep.


Day 2: No more trial run

7:30 p.m.: Whew! What a day! Ok, let's start from the beginning:

Thank god I left an extra 45 minutes on my commute this morning. I got on and off the right trains, but on my transfer I made the mistake of going across the station to the wrong stop. Thankfully I realized it was the wrong stop before I got on, but then I had to go all the way back. Then, when I got off I turned left instead of right ... and walked about seven city blocks before I realized I was going the wrong way. I'm wearing heels, remember? Well, about four blocks into me walking back I decided to catch a cab because I was pouring sweat and my feet were already about to fall off. It was only a $5 ride and I had a little time to try to redeem my looks before going into IMG.

I met Abby at 10 a.m. Everyone is super nice. It looks like I'll basically be tying up loose ends for everyone at the magazine, i.e. updating the fashion calendar for the Web site and organizing lists like I did with the other intern, Ashley, today. But one of the first things Abby said to me was that I would be able to go to a FEW (that's the word she used) shows! Yay! Not just one (hopefully)! I was also told that I would write a few blurbs for the chic report for the site, where they basically give their two cents on a product. So yay I get to write too!

Even when I was updating the calendar and organizing the list, it was really fun because it was information that I cared about. Now I know everything that's going on this week -- every party, every show, everything! And I organized a list of famous people in fashion by their height for a story. In a world where height equals beauty, these people are short! Mary-Kate Olsen and last season's fierce Project Runway winner Christian Siriano tie for the shortest at 5'1. Carolina Herrara is only 5'2, Max Azria is only 5'3, Ralph Lauren is only 5'4 and Valentino is only 5'5. Did you know that? Well now you do.

The journey home was interesting. There was a four-man mariachi band on my first train. They were actually pretty good, but there were too many people in between us for me to get a good picture or video. But on the way to my transfer I saw this:

While I was waiting for my second train, a Jamaican man told me it was a pleasure to look at me and asked if he could call me. He was disappointed when I told him that I didn't live there and thankfully his train came before it could get any creepier. Then there was this awesome sign on the train:

I peeled off my boots as soon as I got home and found what I had feared: two nickel-sized blisters, one on each of my big toes. Thankfully, the dress code at the Daily is much more lax than I knew, so I'll be wearing flats tomorrow, and probably for the rest of the week. No famous people sightings yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that I get to go to a show tomorrow and I'm sure there will be plenty there. Now I'm off to shower and eat and hopefully I'll go somewhere fun tonight. =)

8:30 a.m.: I'm about to run out the door to my first day of work at the Daily (the magazine for IMG). I tell ya, it wasn't easy picking out an outfit, and I'm still not sold on what I'm wearing.

I initially thought I'd be sort of fashion forward and wear black slacks with a grey pinstripe vest over a white button-down shirt. Well, I looked like a marshmellow, so that was out. So I went to what I'm comfortable with: black slacks with a plum half-armed sweater over a white cami. I know, not groundbreaking, but at least it's not ugly. I'm also wearing my black boots because my damn slacks are still too long. Don't worry, I put Dr. Sholl's inserts in them and am armed with band-aids and flip flops in my purse. We'll see.

Anyway, I gotta run. I still have no idea what I'll be doing today or how long I'll be there, but either way it should be fun! No hopefully I get on the right train ...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 1: A Whole New World

8:30: Gordon and I had a nice little outing. We did a test run of my subway route to work, and thank god for that. There's no way I would've figured that out on my own, especially in the rush hour subway traffic at 10 a.m. After we found the Daily we ate dinner at this burger joint in Madison Square. It was a really pretty park and it was nice to sit outside after it started to cool off.

Then it felt like we walked for miles. Yes, I already have a blister, and I was wearing my comfortable shoes! We just hopped on a different train and headed to a corner store so he could pick up some candy for his class, and then headed back to his place. Now we're in for the night! I want to be as rested as possible for my first day at the Daily tomorrow, especially because I have no idea what they'll ask me to do or how long I'll be there. But I'm excited! It was a slow first day but it was fun!

4:30: I just heard back from Abby, the editor at the Daily, and looks like I'm not gonna meet her till tomorrow, which is fine. I haven't done a whole lot yet. Laid around the apartment for a little while and then wandered around Central Park for a bit. It's really hot outside.

Central Park is so pretty though. I saw a group of guys that looked like they were in high school jogging, and plenty of people just laying out. The only strange sight was a older woman with two small dogs calling for raccoons so she could feed them. I'm sure that won't be the strangest thing I see.

Then I walked over to the deli in Gordon's building which is run by some really nice people. I can't put my finger on their nationality. The guy on the computer was looking at things in Spanish but I don't think the owners were. Either way, I ordered a turkey club and a soda for $6 and the sandwich was freaking huge. Half of it is in Gordon's fridge.

Gordon's on his way home now. I'm hoping to become somewhat acclimated to the subway before tomorrow morning. Hopefully we'll do something fun! We both have to be up early, but we can at least see the sights for a bit.

12:30 -- Gordon's apartment: I made it! Ok, I cheated and took a cab, but considering how hard it was to lift my suitcases up one flight of stairs to get to Gordon's door it would've been impossible to go up and down the stairs to the subway.

My cabbie was a friendly Ecuadorian who spent the trip explaining New York to me. My first mistake was telling him Gordon lived on the Upper East Side, when in fact he lives on the Upper West Side, and from there my lesson commenced. We went through Harlem and he said that since Clinton opened an office there, more white people were moving there so it was safer now. He then pointed to the new buildings where white people were moving to. Hey, he said it not me. I asked him where I should stay away from when I moved and he told me that all of New York was safe unless you did drugs. I suppose that's true for any city.

I called the editor I'm going to work for and left a message with her. Hopefully I'll hear back from her soon and we can get this show on the road!

6:00 a.m -- Tampa airport.: K ya'll, it's early. Eeeaarrrlllyyyy. I think I finally fell asleep somewhere around 1:30 ... and I woke up at 4. That's two and a half hours. Let's put it this way, there are plenty more days where I've gone to bed AFTER this than when I have woken up.

But, if I'm going to get up this early, there's no better cause than to go to New York for fashion week. It definitely hasn't hit me yet, that's for sure. I don't think it'll hit me till I'm thrust off the plane at JFK and have no idea where to go. I still haven't fully decided if I'm going to take the easy way out and take a cab to Gordon's place or if I should brave the subway with all my bags. Yes, I did finally fit everything into two bags. I have the one I borrowed full of all my clothes, and my carry on full of shoes and purses. Thankfully they both roll.

This is the first time I've checked a bag in a long time. I had a bag lost once on a family trip to Virginia in the winter and was stranded for about a day without a real coat and I've kind of been scarred ever since. Hopefully it shows up without any problems.

Have I mentioned how excited I am? Probably not, it's hard to sound excited on two hours of sleep, but I am I swear. I spent yesterday watching the Devil Wears Prada and Project Runway, so I'm in the fashion mindset. Someone from IMG was even on Project Runway last night, so that was cool!

K folks, that's all for now. I'll chime back in throughout the day. I've said a few times already that if I can make it to Gordon's place in one piece with all my bags I can make it through the rest of the week. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fashion Week Crisis No. 1: Baggage

Okay, so maybe I should've checked this earlier, but at work tonight I decided to check Delta's baggage requirements just in case.

All Delta passengers are allowed one carry-on bag, one checked bag, and one personal item. Excess charges apply for excess, oversize, or overweight items.

Um ... what? ONE checked bag and ONE carry on?! ONE?!

Okay, breathe. It'll be okay. Breathe. I said breathe!

Here's the problem: I only have one small carry-on suitcase, so I was planning on checking it and one more bag for shoes and hair stuff and one garment bag, and then carrying on a laptop case and purse. That's 5 bags total. And now you're telling me I can only have 3?! Well, 2 and a half really. Shit shit shit.

I'm going to spend NINE days in New York City for FASHION week. Clothes are important, people! Since when can you only check one bag?!

So far, asking friends if I can borrow one isn't helping much. Most of them only have a small carry-on like me. I've gotten a few maybes, so let's hope someone comes through. Oh please Jesus, let someone come through.

Update: Crisis averted! Luckily a coworker has one. Apparently it's plenty large, and would be able to fit me, he says. Hooray!