Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trial: Day One

Overall, today went great. But there were a few bumps along the way.

I woke up with a headache, which was not a good start. Anyone who knows me knows that once I get a headache they don't usually go away very easily. I found the train easily and got on right away, but any hope of a relaxing ride was dashed when I saw how crowded it was. Thankfully, after about the third stop I found a seat.

I got to the office about 20 minutes early and they didn't waste any time putting me to work. I worked mainly with Mary, the Editor-in-Chief, and Mackenzee, the other assistant editor. They gave me a writing assignment right away where they asked me to do an advertorial of sorts for 10 products they were featuring. Every time I turned in an assignment, there was another one waiting for me, which I actually really liked. I love that I was working throughout the day instead of sitting there bored. I think in total I wrote three stories, edited two others and found pictures for two more.

My desk is huge. It's kind of tucked away in a corner and it's obvious the desk was made for two people but I have it to myself. Harris also publishes two hip-hop magazines called XXL and King, which my desk is right next to. I wouldn't care really, except for the fact that some of the guys like to play rap music pretty loudly, which doesn't help when you have a headache and are trying to focus on what you're writing.

The office seems like a friendly place. I hear a lot of people talking to each other and laughing. Mary is super nice. She kept saying how much she liked my writing and was very pleased that I was completing my assignments quickly. There are some style things that I need to learn, obviously, since I've never written about hair before, but she was very understanding and said she would give me a style guide tomorrow.

No word about a final decision yet, but I didn't hear anything negative today. I'm sure we'll talk about it tomorrow.

I got off work right at 5 and Chris and I went to get dinner at a cute Irish pub in Union Square, which I found out is walking distance from the office. I walked down 5th Ave. to get there, which might have been a mistake. I learned that there were dozens of great clothing stores walking distance from the office. Pretty much everything you could think of was there. The bartender at the pub was a full-blooded Irishman, and called me little lady and called Chris old chap.

I must have walked a good three miles today, and my feet didn't really start hurting until I got on the train home. But after a hot shower they felt better and my headache finally went away.

It was an eventful day, to say the least, and I hope tomorrow brings great news.

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katnc24 said...

Sounds amazing lovey! Congratulations! AHH!