Monday, December 1, 2008

Sealing the deal

Update - 10:30 p.m.: Well I got to New York safe and sound. I must say I'm very pleasantly surprised by Chris's apartment. It's huge by New York standards (pictures to come soon). My room is plenty big for me and it has a twin bed and a closet. The only thing I'll really need to get is a mirror and some kind of drawers for clothes. The living room is huge and it has a nice sized kitchen.

When I got in, I dropped my bags off and we went to get some Chinese at one of the local restaurants. I got a nice-sized thing of chicken lo mein for $3.75, can't beat that. On our way, Chris gave me a quick tour of the neighborhood and showed me where my subway stop was, which I'm sure will be very helpful. There's a liquor store right across the street, a couple small groceries, a semi-cute clothing store, a pizza place and some other odds and ends. It looks like a nice place.

The apartment building itself is really nice. It has an elevator, which is a rare thing in the city, and a laundromat on the bottom floor, which is awesome.

Well, I better try to hit the hay. I need to be up by 7:30 if I want to look presentable and get to the office by 10!


Well here I am, at an airport for the third time in three weeks (well, the eighth time if you count all the transfers and flights back). It'll all be worth it when (not if) I get the job, but I gotta tell ya, I won't be flying for a while after that.

It all started to really become real yesterday. I finally sold my bedset and said goodbye to one of my best friends. This is the first time since graduation that I'm saying goodbye to people that I might never see again. Sure, we all say we'll keep in touch and visit, but in reality you just never know.

Then I started thinking about all of the people I won't get to say goodbye to, and thinking about the last time I saw them. What would I have done differently if I had known that it was the last time I might ever see them? Something to think about.

It's hard to believe that I'll be working for Harris tomorrow. Everyone keeps asking me what I'll be doing, and I really have no idea. During the first interview, she told me that I would be involved with generating story ideas, writing, editing, the whole nine; but I wonder what I'll actually be doing for the next two days.

At the last interview, she said that I was "at the top of the list" and they were only doing this trial run with me, so she made it sound like it was my job to lose. You better believe that I'm going to work harder in the next two days than I have ever worked in my life.

I'm meeting Chris when I get into New York around 6. He suggested that we get dinner before we go back to the apartment, but I'm worried about having my bags with me. I had to pay $90 to check my bag because it was six pounds overweight by the way, which is total B.S. And now my flight is delayed. I looked up the subway route from the apartment to the office last night, and it looks like it's right at about an hour. It sounds long, but there aren't any transfers, so I can just get on and relax.

I'm sure the next four days will bring many surprises and revelations. Stay tuned.


Raena said...

I'm so excited for you! Good luck with the trial run...looking forward to the next few day's blog!

Allison said...

Of course there is a liquor store across from Chris' apartment. Haha =)