Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome to the city

Well, this was going to be a post about me organizing my room and how it rained all day but the city is still beautiful ... until my walk home from the train.

There's a long tunnel that leads to and from the 1 train, which is great for when it's raining or snowing. But it has crossed my mind about it being kind of scary at night. And when it gets pitch dark around 5 p.m., it's pretty much always night.

Well today I was walking home and there was a group of about 12 or so young boys walking toward me, spanning the width of the tunnel. The oldest of them couldn't have been more than 15, but some of them were still bigger than me, and collectively they could definitely take me if they wanted to. I had to brush against one of them to pass, and he then slapped my ass. Surprised, I turned around and said, "Excuse me." That seemed to delight them, and they presumed to call me a variety of derogatory names. I kept walking, thinking it would be worthless to do anything, and I was surprised again by a slap on the back of my head.

It was a wake-up call, to say the least. The thought that even a group of young boys could potentially be dangerous makes me worried about men my age or older. I'm buying mace tomorrow.

In better news, I unpacked the three boxes that came last night, and my room is finally starting to feel like my own. The last box came today and was left with the leasing office, but they close at 6 which is before I get home and aren't always open on the weekends, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get it.

It rained all day today. I spent a part of my day arguing with my doctor and Duane Read to transfer my prescriptions to New York, and I ended up having to walk to the closest CVS after work. So I walked about eight avenue blocks in the pouring rain. At first it wasn't that great, but after a while of trying to hustle with the crowd, I decided to take my time and enjoy the walk.

I think I passed by a sample sale in action. Yves Saint Laurent was a frenzy inside and there were guards by the doors, which is how I've heard sample sales described. There's no way that many people could afford YSL unless it was 70 percent off.

Well, I'm gonna call it an early night. I don't really have any plans this weekend, but I'm sure I'll have some fun.

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Miss Pfaff said...

Geez, lady, be careful -- that's the kind of stuff I worry about for people who live in the city. Definitely pick up some mace.

I have my own bottle of pepper spray, which has a pretty funny story behind it. Thank goodness I've never had to use it -- I hope you don't, either!