Friday, November 28, 2008

Operation: Pack for New York in Three Days

Ok folks, here's the tentative plan. Try to keep up:

I'm back in St. Pete now. I'm working for the Times through Sunday. I leave for New York for my trial run with Harris on Monday. In that time, I have to go through and pack/clean everything in my apartment. Thankfully, I don't really have that much stuff left.

I'll be in New York Monday - Thursday, and working for Harris on Tuesday and Wednesday. They said if they decide to hire me, I'd start the following week. So I'll have Thursday - Sunday to pack and ship everything else. I'm going to leave pretty much everything I pack this this week with Chris, who I'm staying with and who I'll be living with, so when I come back for good I can hopefully pack everything else and won't have to ship very much.

My parents are coming over on Friday to help me pack up my stuff. Then I'm going back to Orlando on Friday or Saturday to leave my car with them, and then I'm off Sunday! So, to recap, I have tomorrow, Sunday and Monday mornings and then Friday left in St. Pete.

I can't wait to just get there and get into my routine and stop living out of a suitcase. This last month has been so crazy, but so exciting!

Here's a little video I took this past week:

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