Thursday, January 8, 2009

Subway reading

I FINALLY finished The Prince of Tides a couple weeks ago after an embarrassingly long period of time. In my defense, I was in school for most of the time reading other un-fun things, and I had a job ... and I'm lazy.

So yesterday I went on Barnes and Noble's Web site on a quest for new subway reading. I have a built in hour and a half a day to read, and the thought of finally enjoying books and using them to learn new things is exciting. When I first moved to New York, I couldn't understand how anyone could read on the subway because I get carsick ... er, subwaysick ... easily. But now the rocking back and forth of the cars is relaxing.

I had a Barnes and Noble gift card left over from graduation, thanks to my dad's friend, so I had $25 to spend on as many books as possible. Straight to the the bargain section.

I got:
1. There's No Place Like Here - Cecelia Ahern
2. Road Home - Tommy Tenny, Mark Andrew Olsen
3. The Secret Sisters - Joni Rodgers
4. Dangerous Lover - Lisa Marie Rice
5. Promise Not to Tell - Jennifer McMahon

I spent a grand total of $0.90. Not too shabby.

On the way home, I made special notice of what everyone was reading. A young woman next to me was reading the latest issue of The Economist, a man was reading the New York Daily News, a few other women were reading some novels I couldn't see the names of, another woman was reading what looked like a script, a man was reading the New York Times ... and a man was reading Penthouse Pet. Yep, right there, for everyone to see, porn. The man sitting next to him looked very uncomfortable and tried his best not to look at the naked women spread eagle. It made me chuckle. Hey, it takes all kinds.

So I've been sick all week. I've actually had to call out of work twice, which never happens. But thankfully my boss is a saint and is very understanding. I'm starting to feel better now and just have a lagging cough.

I have a fun weekend planned again. On Friday, I'm going to an Indian restaurant in Soho for dinner after work. I guess you could call it a date (insert smiley here). On Saturday, I have an interview for a second job and then I'm on the VIP list for a club called Opera thanks to Meredith's connected friends. Hopefully I have something to celebrate when I get there. And Sunday Meredith and I are going to see the movie, Milk. Yay!


Tristan Wheelock said...

You should totally read Play Girl for at least one subway ride just to see what people do. It would be priceless.

Good luck on your date. Get some chana masala or pakoras for an appetizer. Delicious!

Miss Pfaff said...

I have to call you to catch up soon, but I just wanted to say I LOVE the new layout of your blog :) So cute and fitting with NYC/fiercefashionista!