Sunday, January 11, 2009


I miss the sun.
I miss being warm.
I miss chain restaurants.
I miss grocery stores.
I miss driving.
I miss drive thrus.
I miss the radio.
I miss flip flops.
I miss swim suits.
I miss the ocean.
I miss disposals.
I miss dish washers.
I miss the Independent.
I miss my parents.
I miss you.


Miss Pfaff said...

I would miss those things, too :( Florida misses YOU!

katnc24 said...

Well, Florida will do that. I was just thinking the other day how lucky I am to be wearing a t-shirt. We had dinner on the beach and watched the sunset and I know I'm going to miss that. I can't say that I'll miss driving or the radio, though. haha. The truth is, I know that I'm going to miss Florida, but that doesn't make the experience in NY any less worth it. If I were you, I would immerse myself in the things that made me decide to go... I know you haven't stopped loving NY, but it's not new or shiny or different anymore. You have to stuff yourself into a coffee shop or watch street performers and remind yourself why it was so important to leave.

And trust me, we miss you here too. A lot. You're amazing and strong and Florida will be here when you finally decide the big city just can't hold anymore cold days for you.

I love you.

marlow said...

how could you miss chain restaurants?

i was thinking if i made a 'things i miss list' it would be pretty lame since i only miss BBQ.

Fierce fashionista said...

I didn't think I'd miss driving either, but I do. And it's not really that I miss chain restaurants, just the comfort of familiar food that I'm used to. I used to go to Applebee's once a week, and the only one here is in Times Square and they charge double for everything.

I don't love New York any less and still love being here, I'm having amazing experiences and wouldn't trade it for anything, but I miss the familiar things. And it's not like I'm crying or really even that sad because of it, it's more of a whimsical memory that I wish I could go back to once and a while.

Sherry said...

That's very normal. Just think, though, you have so many friends and family here that you automatically know that that you can always visit. Then you get all the benefits of living here and living in NYC. All those things will still be waiting for you when you can visit :-)

Anonymous said...

whats your mailing address? i'll send you a floridian care package!