Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lending a hand

In this business it's all about who you know. I first met my boss at the Times at a job fair, then she remembered me when a position became available. My teacher put me in touch with Michelle Lee, InTouch Weekly editor, who put me in touch with Patty Adams, Page Six Magazine editor. You get the idea.

Well for the first time I get to help out a friend of mine. My best friend, Kat, is coming to visit for a week in February. I worked with her at the Times and she also has experience at Creative Loafing, the Crow's Nest, etc. She's gonna be here, she might as well work, right? Well I got her an internship with Harris. 

It took a little persuading. The managing editor was fine with it, but then the CFO wasn't so sure. But after some sweet talk and telling him how talented Kat is (which is true), he agreed. She'll pretty much be helping out where ever it's needed and will probably get to work with a variety of magazines, which will be great for her. And she's getting paid! 

I know when I got the experience of working and living in New York during Fashion Week it really opened my eyes to how everyday life was in the City, and I hope this will do the same thing for her. Hopefully this leads to contacts and skills that will help her career move forward in this time where the industry is struggling.

P.S. To all my other journalism friends: Don't think that just because you visit me you get a free internship! 


Wendy Withers said...

Aww man. If I ever come to New York, can I at least couch surf your apartment by paying a minimal surfing fee?

katnc24 said...

You mean you're not the fairy godmother of New York internships? haha. You're the best. I'm so freaking excited!

Sherry said...

But I want a fairy godmother, too :-P