Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lovely weather this morning

I mentioned to the Facebook world a while ago that no matter how cold the snow was, I still never got tired of it. Let me make one exception: I never get tired of it unless I have to walk to work in it and it's mixed with rain.

Usually walking to and from work while it's snowing is no big deal. It's pretty to look at and as long as you have an umbrella you're fine. Well, not this morning. It snowed pretty heavily last night, but my walk to the subway from my apartment wasn't a problem. It was still fluffy enough to not seep in my shoes and I like the way it crunches. 

But during my commute the snow had turned into rain. Yes, rain. My little weather gadget says "light snow" right now and it's lying. So, the heavily snowed on streets and sidewalks were now mixed with rain which created very wet slush, and a lot of it. It was ankle-deep at every curb.

This morning I made a conscious decision to wear my cute black sneakers instead of boots because they provided better traction and I didn't want a repeat of my spill from a couple weeks ago. Well, that was clearly the wrong choice when my feet were already soaking after only two blocks. Knowing I still had eight blocks to go, I decided to hail a cab. The $4 ride was worth it.

Meanwhile my friends back in Florida are going to the beach. C'est la vie. 

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Tristan Wheelock said...

now your weather gadget is using the wonderfully appetizing descriptive, "wintry mix." Sounds lovely.