Friday, January 23, 2009

Random thoughts of the week

Friendly train conductor: I've been meaning to mention this for a while now. Usually subway conductors are anything but friendly or memorable. Most of them yell out stops and even yell at people who get in the way of the car doors. But every morning as I get on the A train around 8:35, my conductor greets me with, "Good morning! Welcome to the downtown A experience (yes, experience, not train). This is 190 St., next stop will be 181. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride." 

I remember the first time I heard him. It was Christmas eve and he wished everyone on the train "Happy holidays." At popular stops, he tells everyone getting off the train to have a "wonderful day" or weekend. Just goes to show that no matter what job you have, you should take pride in it and do it to the best of your ability (I say this as I'm blogging at work). It really helps to have a cherry voice greet me as I'm still struggling to wake up, and it makes me smile every day. 

New haircut: Add a free haircut to the list of perks my job comes with. I interviewed stylist Brian Meehan, owner of the Wayne Thomas Salon, on Tuesday. I've interviewed him before and he always gives me great quotes. As I was leaving, I glanced at his prices and asked him about them. "Oh honey I'll do you for free," he responded. Score! I've wanted to get my hair done for so long. The last time I went to a professional stylist was back in September before Fashion Week, and since then I've gone to beauty schools, which leave much to be desired. 

So yesterday I took him up on his offer. I brought in a picture of Paris Hilton's new bob for an example of what I wanted (I know, I shouldn't be using her for fashion guidance, but her hair is cute). He only took a couple inches off the length, but what he really did is take out a lot of the bulk, which is what I really needed. Now my hair is a little above my shoulders and is perfectly shaped for my face. Pictures to come soon.

The second job hunt: I've been applying at a variety of places without any success. The problem with restaurants is that I get off too late to work the dinner shift and no one will hire me just for the weekend, because those are "prime" shifts that they give their best servers. Plus, I don't have "New York experience." Retail stores won't hire me because I haven't worked in retail since 2004, because, oh I don't know, I was working in my actual field. It's not like I've forgotten how to use a cash register or fold clothes, come on. I've applied for a few freelance jobs with no response. I made a profile on this babysitter site with no response. Sigh.

Last night I met this guy Geoffrey at Revival who is the front of the house manager at Bar Brenton. I've seen him at Revival a couple of times before that. He said they were way understaffed and if I came by he'd hook me up with a job. It's right by my office and I've actually been there once before without even realizing it. So today after work I'm going to go by and give him my resume. Hopefully he lives up to his word. 

Also, my job has incredible opportunities for freelancing. Because we do so many magazines a year, they freelance out some of the books. So basically I'd do a whole magazine by myself for a substantial bonus. My boss is having me work with Mackenzie on the book she's doing to get the feel of it, and hopefully in the next month or so I can do one on my own. Fingers crossed.

Weekend shenanigans: Once again, Meredith has come to the rescue for my weekend. Her friend is having a house party out in Long Island tomorrow and she invited me to go. It's kind of a long hike to get there, but I'm going to meet her at her place first and she'll drive me, and I can stay over at her place if I need to. It's a good way to meet more people and I haven't been to a good house party in a long time. Plus, house parties = free. Chris has gone to LA for a conference, so I have the apartment to myself for a week.

That's all for now. This is way longer than I expected it to be. Hasta luego! 

P.S. It got up to 45 degrees today! Whoa heat wave!

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Miss Pfaff said...

Wow, I can't believe you're going to Long Island! You know I was born there, right? Lived in Mt. Sinai (small seaside town by Port Jefferson) for seven years. Enjoy LI, and send it my best wishes!