Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The day from Hell

Well, I finally had a really bad day.

The morning started off with me sleeping in too late. I've had trouble getting to bed at a decent hour lately, so waking up at 7:30 has been a challenge. I rushed to get ready and make the train on time.

When I was coming out of the subway, I made a quick turn and fell right on my ass. I'm not sure what happened, it wasn't snowing or raining, but my legs came out from under me like a cartoon. I tried to recover as gracefully as possible, but while I continued walking I noticed that something was leaking from my purse. My Coke had burst and everything in my purse was soaked, and it was leaking onto my favorite white coat. Not to mention my arm began to hurt, and now I have a nice bruise.

The work day was pretty normal. I interviewed two stylists and wrote three articles. I hoped that my embarrassing spill was the end of my bad luck for the day. So I went home and organized my room, finally hanging pictures and other things. My mood was excited and it made me feel even more at home.

However, my mood instantly turned when I was talking to my parents and my precious Audrey Hepburn clock fell from the wall and shattered, cutting my ankle in the process. That clock was more than a clock to me. It's been with me through four apartments, life changes and it really defines my style. I've hung it with pride and really loved it. Seeing it in pieces on the floor really hurt, and I began to tear up. The events of the day, plus not getting the job I interviewed for, became just too much.

I know my last post and this one haven't been too happy. I don't want anyone to think that I'm at all regretting my decision to come to New York. But the newness has worn off and the honeymoon is over. I still love New York as much as I ever did, but not every day is going to be a good one, and I think I owe it to all of you to be honest. I wouldn't be a responsible blogger if I just wrote about the happy days.

Leighanne and I are going to Revival tomorrow and I'm going to Sunday brunch with Thierry, so I have things to look forward to this week. Temperatures are supposed to get into the single digits this week with wind chills surely below zero. Sigh.

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katnc24 said...

God, I hate those days. And there's nothing really to say except cheer up. You are in New York, after all.