Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fashion Week Crisis No. 1: Baggage

Okay, so maybe I should've checked this earlier, but at work tonight I decided to check Delta's baggage requirements just in case.

All Delta passengers are allowed one carry-on bag, one checked bag, and one personal item. Excess charges apply for excess, oversize, or overweight items.

Um ... what? ONE checked bag and ONE carry on?! ONE?!

Okay, breathe. It'll be okay. Breathe. I said breathe!

Here's the problem: I only have one small carry-on suitcase, so I was planning on checking it and one more bag for shoes and hair stuff and one garment bag, and then carrying on a laptop case and purse. That's 5 bags total. And now you're telling me I can only have 3?! Well, 2 and a half really. Shit shit shit.

I'm going to spend NINE days in New York City for FASHION week. Clothes are important, people! Since when can you only check one bag?!

So far, asking friends if I can borrow one isn't helping much. Most of them only have a small carry-on like me. I've gotten a few maybes, so let's hope someone comes through. Oh please Jesus, let someone come through.

Update: Crisis averted! Luckily a coworker has one. Apparently it's plenty large, and would be able to fit me, he says. Hooray!

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