Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 9: Like there's no tomorrow

Recap of last night: I cannot even begin to describe how great last night was ...

At 5:00 I met up with Patty Adams, editor at Page Six Magazine and another USF grad. I got her contact info from Michelle. She was super busy but was so great to squeeze me in. We talked for about half an hour about how she made it and what I could do. Both she and Michelle said the importance of knowing when to move on from a publication. It's really the only way to move up and the best way to negotiate salary increases.

Then I met Chris up by the tents. I told the guards he was with me and he didn't have a problem getting in. I didn't have any time to stay, because I had to run to Christian's show.

Thank god I was not a minute later, because I was literally the last person to get in. And oh how there were celebrity sightings! Ok, when I say celebrity, I mean D-list reality TV stars, but they're celebrities to me. Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Sweet P from Christian's season of Project Runway and Melissa from MTV's the Real World were all there. This was also the most reported show I've gone to so far. MTV News, E! News and some other news stations were covering it.

I didn't get a chance to download my pictures and video on my computer last night, but when I do I'll give you a full review of the show. Let's just say it was fierce, or in the words of Heidi, uuber fierce. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

After that I met back up with Chris at the tents. He had made friends with a nice stylist and we chatted for a bit. Then she got up to get in line for the Aurelio Costarella show and asked if we were going. We didn't have tickets, so she told us she would just tell them we were with her. Amazing! We were one of the first in line for the standing section, and it was my best seat so far. Not to mention the show was so beautiful. Vanessa Simmons was spotten in the front row. Again, I'll write a full report when I download pictures. Sorry, I'm being a slacker.

After that, Chris was beyond amazed at this new fashion world I had gotten him in on, that he bought me dinner. We went to this fun bar over in Hell's Kitchen and I had a healty meal of cheese sticks and fries. There was a decent band playing too.

Around 11:30 we decided it would be best to go home since we both had to be at work today. That was my best night yet by far.

Today: I can't believe I only have 24 hours left in the city. Tonight promises to be amazing though, with the Baby Phat show at 7 and Tom and Mike coming in for the Yankees game. It's my last night, so I'm gonna live it up. I can sleep when I get home.

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Dr. Miller said...

Patty AND Melissa...two more of my former students.