Saturday, March 29, 2008

What I thought about the industry

I am taking an Intro to Fashion Careers class, which has provided an unbelievable amount of clarity into the industry fro me. The class hasn't necessarily dispelled any misconceptions for me as to what the industry is all about — I was aware that pretty much everything is profit-driven, it's incredibly cut-throat and it's not all glamor and celebrities. Instead, the class has given me exactly what I wanted: A clear, realistic plan of how to break in and what to expect when I get there.

It's strange, because the more I read about what exactly is involved in each position, even when it sounds overwhelming, the more motivated and excited I become. I read the lectures with fervor, feeling more alive with every page. I now am more sure than ever that this is what I am meant to do . This is where I should be — in the fashion media industry.

So here’s what I’m going to do: My teacher said the best way to get started in the industry is to work for a temp agency. There are three main agencies in New York that cater specifically to the fashion industry: stylists, magazines, etc. Fashion people regularly use these agencies, especially during busy times like fashion and buyer weeks, and it’s a great way to break in and learn about the industry. She said if you’re driven and determined, you should be able to get a permanent job in no time.

She also advised that I stay in a women’s residence to start. These are residences that cost somewhat less than an apartment that are furnished and many offer meals included in rent that are available only to women. I looked some up and they are by no means cheap, but if you think about it $980 to live in mid-Manhattan that’s furnished and includes security and two meals a day isn’t so bad. Plus other women who are starting their careers live there too and it would be a great opportunity to meet people.

So I am planning a trip to NYC around September where I’m going to make appointments with these agencies and residences and get a clear picture of when I can move. I hope to be living in New York by January.

This short class has provided me with more real-world information than four years of college ever did, and I plan to put it to good use.

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