Monday, March 17, 2008

My life's goal

Ah, the age old question: What do you want to do? As you can tell by the name of my blog, I'm a little into fashion ... okay, a lot into fashion. But what do I want to do for a living?

My life's goal is to be Anna Wintour. To head the most fabulous fashion magazine and have the heads of design coming to me for opinions. To influence not only the fashion industry with my words but also the people who subscribe to my magazine.

Hopefully five years from now I'll be a fashion editor at InStyle. I'll have started my rise in the industry and people will begin to know my name.

A typical day five years from now:

I rise from my studio apartment in Manhattan far too early for my liking, wishing I hadn't had that last glass of wine with Marc Jacobs. I stumble into the shower and reach for the closest Gucci skirt suit I can find. I emerge on the chilly streets ready to take on the world, or at least my day. When I start to hail a cab, I remember that my rent is due and choose the subway instead.

After fighting the crowds of New York, I arrive at my office in InStyle magazine. I greet the Editor in Chief and go straight into the budget meeting for the day, offering my opinion on the fall fashion spread and pitching a fabulous idea for a new editorial section. I then go to my desk and manage my staff and section, answering questions, editing copy and creating layouts.

Around 8 o'clock my day in the office is over. Michael Kors is having a cocktail party so I hurry to freshen up and make my way over to his Manhattan townhome. I'm greeted with a martini and cheek kisses from fabulous people. After too many hours of joyous conversation and too many martinis, I arrive back at my studio and dive into bed, ready to begin again tomorrow.

This is my life's goal.

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