Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life summary

So there's been a lot going on, but none of it really relates to New York or fashion so I wasn't sure if I should blog about it. Thus, here is a quick summary of my life lately in true Chris Gardner style - bullets.

- I went to New Orleans and Florida two weeks ago. It was awesome. It was so great to be in two warm cities, one of which I had never seen before. New Orleans was so much fun and we ate three fantastic meals at August, Emeril's and the Commander's Palace. Yum. I want to go back. Florida was great because I got to see my family and go on the boat. It's hard to believe that I haven't seen them in over four months. And we had a little pre-birthday celebration for Scotty and me. I can't believe he's 18!

- I've started dating someone and it's going awesome. That's all I'm gonna say about it. ;)

- I'm still at ICE working on the temporary position, but it's rapidly coming to an end. I have a couple options, but I'm starting to get a bit panicky about what's coming next. I'll keep you posted.

- I got to go to the inaugural game at Citi Field, the new Mets stadium. I'm now a Mets fan, but the Rays will always come first. I figure it's okay to be a Mets fan because they're not in the same division as the Rays and, well, they're not the Yankees. I've never been to the opening of a new stadium, and it was really cool to see how excited the fans were about it. I'm sure I'll go to more Mets games this season.

- My days are mostly spent now working and exploring new restaurants with my boyfriend. Not too shabby. I've joined a gym to work off all the good food I'm eating.

The main thing on the horizon is finding a more secure job. I'm applying but have yet to get even a response from anyone. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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