Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hooray interview!

Well ask and you shall receive, right? I applied for an "Education Assistant" position with Mediabistro.com today, and not three hours later I was e-mailed back for an interview on Thursday.

For those of you who don't know what Mediabistro is, it's a great resource for young journalists. Most of us use it to look at job listings within the journalism community, but they also offer a variety of classes, workshops, events, etc. I actually took their "Intro into Fashion Careers" course last March and it really propelled me to go for my dream, and even inspired me to create this blog. It's a really great company that I respect a lot and it would be great to be able to work with them. Plus, it's a full-time job with full health and dental benefits.

Here's what the job listing says:

The successful candidate must possess:

--An interest in technology and web-based learning
--Ability to multi-task and work independently and with a team
--Exceptional skills related to problem-solving and organization
--Ability to perform well under pressure
--An outgoing personality and outstanding phone skills
--Strong sales and marketing sensibilities
--Supreme attention to detail
--Awareness of NYC media landscape
--A Bachelor’s Degree
--Experience using online learning platforms is a plus (but we will train you on all software)

Responsibilities include:

--Guiding students to appropriate courses by phone and email
--Providing online class support, including trouble-shooting technical
problems, student and instructor support, and communicating with instructors
and students to monitor class quality; training will be provided
--Setting up online classrooms, proofreading and posting course materials,
and setting up student access
--Assisting in scheduling classes
--Working closely with education staff to meet quarterly goals, plan for
appropriate marketing, and maintain student enrollment
--Assisting in writing and maintaining course descriptions for the mediabistro.com web site
--Providing creative input for the overall education department
*This an entry level position and there is opportunity for growth.

Sound like me? Wish me luck! I'm also going to a fashion show on Thursday with my friends Jessica and Leighanne. How great would it be to get a job and go to a show in the same day?!


Seth said...

Hey, good luck! I haven't considered Mediabistro in a while, but your post made me take another look. I live about half an hour away in LI, and I regularly go to the city just for fun. What about you?

Fierce fashionista said...

I live way uptown but spend most of my time in Chelsea. My number is on Facebook, give me a call and we'll do something fun.

Miss Pfaff said...

See, I told you :) YAY! Good luck!! This sounds great. I hope you get it!