Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You just never know

I was laid off today.

I was called in to the office of the managing editor today at 10:30 and she told me that they didn't have enough for me to do, so I was laid off, effective immediately.

I've never been given a warning. I've never done anything wrong. I did all my assignments to the best of my ability. I was laid off.

Thankfully, I have a plan B. I finally got a second job doing data entry for the Institute of Culinary Education. My boss and I have become friends, and I told him my situation. He has brought me on full time, effective tomorrow. It's only a temporary gig, but I'm getting paid twice as much and there's opportunity for something more permanent. Either way, I have about a month of steady money and in the mean time I'll look for any kind of an opening.

I refuse to let this defeat me. I live in New York and I'll make it work. They won't win. I'm confident this will lead to something better with a better company.

In the words of Fashion Week, "Chic will go on."

I will go on. Everything happens for a reason. It's for the best.


Raena said...

Wow sorry to hear that Jessica. Good things fall apart so better things can fall together (sorry to sound cliche, but it's true!).

You already know you possess the skills to write for Vogue if given the opportunity.

Proud of you for taking this like a champ, and its definitely not a defeat.

Love your blog and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I am shocked to read this! That's crap, especially since you were just given an entire book to work on! Wow I don't even know what to say but I'm glad you're staying positive and I'm sure that you'll end up getting an even better job that pays more....not like that would be hard to do, right? Keep your head up girl!


Anonymous said...

That is the right attitude to have, Jessie. Be sure to capture all the lessons-learned you can from this experience as well. Then move forward stronger, wiser and with confidence. I am proud of you - as always. You have complete support from the 'home office'.


Sherry said...

*Mouth open in shock*

Wow, I came to see how Fashion Week went and certainly didn't expect to read about a layoff. I'm sorry. What does that even mean, you're not the right fit? They gave you a book to work on!

I'm certain you'll find a better place now, though, with the experience you DID get. I mean, you worked for a fashion magazine!

I read on Perez Hilton that Anna Wintour is hiring two assistants:

Hi guys,

Sorry for the mass email. Two of the three assistants in Anna Wintour’s office are leaving soon and Conde Nast is starting to look for candidates. If you know of anyone that may be interested in applying have them shoot me an email and I can put them in touch with the right person in HR.

Some experience in fashion or media is good. Smart, well-educated, calm, etc…

Let me know if you can think of anyone.