Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now I've seen everything

As much as I love and respect fashion, some things are just down right hilarious and ridiculous. 

We have designer clothes, bags, shoes, underwear, house decor, accessories, plates ... why not have designer condoms? Now you can literally cover every part of your body in designer duds ... or at least men can.

New York Magazine wrote about this three days ago and I've been laughing ever since. Who's the designer? Why, Alexander Wang of course (Get it? Wang? Hahaha, OK time to grow up now). 

"The February 14 date of Alexander Wang's fashion show could not be more fitting for the unveiling of the limited-edition condom he designed in collaboration with Planned Parenthood. The Proper Attire rubbers will be sold at Thompson Hotels and online, with all profits going to Planned Parenthood," the blog said.

Yes, now I've seen everything. I kind of want one just to say I have it ... it's for a good cause, right?


Miss Pfaff said...

HILARIOUS! Now you can REALLY tell if a guy has good style!

Fierce fashionista said...

So true!

mD said...

So how exactly are they going to introduce them?

March a group of guys on stage with boners and junk covered?