Saturday, February 7, 2009

My big break

Yep, I got my big break today. Watch out, because I'm probably gonna be nominated for an Emmy.

I was on reality TV.

What did I do? Eat bugs? Disgrace my family by acting a fool, getting drunk and sleeping with someone? Well ... not quite.

My coworker was nominated for a makeover show and they needed people to be in the background for the big reveal. But some agent is totally gonna see me and make me a star, I know it. 

The show is called "Closet Cases" on the Fine Living Channel. Never heard of it? Me either. The show doesn't premier till April and I think we're the third episode, so watch out for it. But it was a fun experience, and further proves my theory that everyone will be on a reality show at some point.  

FYI: In case there was any doubt, reality TV isn't real in the slightest. Everyone there was supposed to be at a reunion in Ohio for the class of '88. Considering I was 2 that year, that's obviously fake. And New York is probably the opposite of Ohio. We all even had fake names. I was Charolette (yes, it was spelled wrong. Not my fault). 



Sherry said...

I thought I commented...huh. Sorry if this double posts.

I think I may have this channel in the far reaches of my cable. Let me know when it's on so that I can cheer on "Charolette."

I think you are right with your hypothesis. You can find me on an episode of NASCAR Angels. I was there to interview the crew for a freelance article...and somehow got shown on the show, albeit briefly LOL

Wendy Withers said...

I tried to get my friends to convince What Not to Wear I was enough of a fashion victim to get their free makeover when I graduated, since I had no idea what kind of professional clothes I should buy and all of my shirts had offensive cartoon characters on them. No one loved me enough to do it, though.

John Sterk said...

1. I'm calling you Charo for short.
2. So.... does that mean they think you look 38? (Don't hurt me, I'm just the messenger).