Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom's visit!

My mom came to visit Rich and I in NYC last weekend, and we had a blast! The only other time she's been to the Big Apple was when she and I were touring colleges when I was a high school junior, and that trip was quite the adventure. Neither of us had any idea what we were doing, which provided some comical experiences.

Let's just say this trip was the opposite of that. Thanks to my new knowledge of the city and Rich's generosity, she got to see how awesome New York can be. Rich hooked her up with a room at the Palace, and the first night she was there we had an awesome meal at the traditional Italian restaurant Il Menestrello. I stayed with her at the Palace the first night so we could be up bright and early to take the Circle Line tour around Manhattan, and that night we had dinner with Rich's parents at the Chart House in New Jersey. We had another amazing meal, but the best part about the restaurant was it's marvelous view of the New York skyline.

The last day she was there we went to brunch and then to the matinee of "Hair." Ok, maybe I should've done more research before picking a play. I knew Hair was about the '60s and Vietnam war and all that, but I wasn't prepared for how ... sexual it was. Let's just say the full nude scene took us all by surprise, among some other parts. But the play was still very good and we all had a good time. We finished off her trip with dinner at the classic New York steakhouse, Smith & Wollensky.

The trip went by so fast! Two and a half days is nowhere near enough time to see all that New York has to offer, but we all had a great time and now we know what we want to do when she comes back! It was really special to experience it with her. And a big thanks to Rich for making it all possible. =)

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