Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fashion Week countdown begins!

This just in: I'm going to Fashion Week again! I've been trying to get in to The Tents so Laurie and I could network for eFlirt Expert (and because I wanted to get into The Tents) so I sent out a few e-mails to people who I knew had a few extra passes. And we're in! One of the people I interned with at IMG came through yesterday and told me I could pick up a couple a few days before Fashion Week starts. These passes don't get us in to any shows, but they get us in to the Tents, which is good enough for me.

This is a really great opportunity for eFlirt Expert. Crazy networking goes on inside the Tents and it's a way to get some high-profile clients. Plus, Laurie has never been to a Fashion Week, so I'm excited to take her during the last time it'll be in Bryant Park. It's moving to Lincoln Center next year.

Fashion Week Countdown: 35 days

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