Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally, it starts

I am writing to you all now in my empty living room. Well, almost empty. Yes, I have finally started to ball rolling. I have finally started to take those steps I've been talking about for so long.

I gave the Times my letter of resignation Friday. My last day is December 12. A month from today. The next day, I put my life up for sale. So far, I've sold my futon, dinette, TV and some art. I still have my bedroom set, coffee table, TV stand, desk and some other odds and ends, but it's a start.

When I sold my table, I stood in the empty space where it used to be and almost started to cry. I'm finally doing it. It's finally real. Finally.

I love my apartment here on the water. It's my first place of my own. I work hard for it and it's beautiful. And I will always look back on my year in St. Pete as the year that launched me into what will be my new life in New York.

With every piece of furniture I sell, I get prouder. Every piece that leaves me is a step toward New York and my dream. This is the first real sign of change. Not just talk, but action.


1 comment:

marlow said...

wow so you're taking the plunge?

you can do it... i berieve in you.