Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fashion Week Recap; Adieu Bryant Park

Like every season, it's been a crazy week. Everyone always goes in so excited, with so much energy - but by the time the week is over, no one wants to see another person for as long as they live, haha. Unfortunately, we weren't able to spend as much time in the Tents as we would've liked. eFlirt is really picking up speed and the last seven days were crazy, but in a good way - full of launch parties, video shoots, meetings and much more.

It was the end of an era this season. The last season in the Bryant Park Tents. When I first heard this news a year ago, I was saddened and frustrated by it. How could they move from such an iconic place? However, I now think it's for the best. Fashion Week used to be glamorous, classy, exciting, and Bryant Park used to be the prized stage. It's just not that way anymore. Most shows have moved offsite because of raising prices, including most of the major names. The tents have become a shell of once was. What was once a sacred place is now full of children (seriously), bitchy cocktail waitresses and wannabe fashionistas who just want their picture taken. It's not about the fashion anymore.

I'm looking forward to Lincoln Center. It's the site of the New York City Ballet, the Philharmonic, and many more great shows -- and now it's the site of Fashion Week. I'm hoping this amazing location will inject a little glamor back to Fashion Week, and I hope it'll start to be about fashion again and not just being seen.

Adieu, Bryant Park. Hello, Lincoln Center.


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