Thursday, May 28, 2009

New York wrap up

I know, I know, I've been a slacker. I'm sorry. The more I settle into day-to-day life here, the less there seems to post about. BUT here is a wrap up of what's been going on:

* One thing that I definitely should have posted about was going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time. Now, this isn't necessarily a "New York" thing because you can see it almost anywhere, but the fact that I got to see it for the first time here made it that much cooler. We found a theater in Chelsea that plays it every Friday and Saturday at midnight. For those of you who don't know, (which hopefully isn't many) actors act out the movie as it is being played behind them on a big screen and lip sync the lines. It adds to the humor and overall strangeness of the movie. I've seen the movie before, but have never seen it live, thus making me a "virgin." I won't tell you what they did to "devirginize" the virgins, but it was pretty hilarious. Overall the cast was awesome, especially Frankfurter.

* I helped redo my boyfriend's apartment and it turned out really great. It went from a small, midnight blue loft studio to a modern, cool, warm apartment with great furniture and art and an awesome backyard. Yep, it has a backyard in Chelsea which is pretty rare. I think I missed my calling as an interior designer. We threw a housewarming/Memorial Day barbecue last weekend and it was a big hit. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun there this summer.

* The weather is still pretty strange. It'll go from being 80 degrees to 50 within a day, which kind of sucks. I'm just ready for summer already!

* Things are okay on the job front. Still temping for ICE doing data entry. That should hold up till July or August. A new opportunity just opened up here yesterday, so that would be great if it came through. I'll tell you more about it if it does. Fingers crossed.

* The months of June and July will be absolutely crazy. We literally have something to do every weekend. The first weekend in June is Rich's birthday, then it's his parent's big 40th anniversary party which we are helping put on, then the Rays are in town, then I'm going to Florida for a week, then we're spending two weeks at the Jersey Shore for July 4th. Phew!

Well that's about it from here. I'll try to keep you updated more often! Miss you guys!

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Sherry said...

When will you be in Florida?