Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Today was the first day that I didn't have to bundle up before going outside. No jacket, no scarf, no gloves, no stockings ... I was wearing a light sweater and I really could've done without that too.

It's 67 degrees right now, and I never thought I'd be so excited. It's interesting to see the different outfits outside. A lot of people didn't realize the warmth before heading out and are now carrying their jackets. Long sleeved shirts are rolled up. Some people are in flip flops. Every second person is walking a dog. A lot of people are shopping too - maybe the answer to our economic problems will be the weather, haha.

I can't wait to see the city really come alive with spring. It'll be a lot easier to explore new places too. This better not be a tease!

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Allison said...

Umm.... you need to make a new blog post! Okay, thanks! =)