Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kat's visit, et cetera

Hello faithful readers, I'm sorry for the delay in post. Things have been a little hectic, in a good way.

Kat's visit was so much fun. We went to so many fun places and did fun things. To get a full synopsis, read her blog here. I hope it gave her a better idea of what living here will actually be like.

Things are good on the job front. The project is running steadily and doesn't seem like it'll end in the immediate future. Which is bad for ICE, but good for me. After that, I've learned that there's a position I could fill in customer service. It isn't necessarily what I want to be doing, but it's steady money and I'd get benefits, which isn't a bad plan B. 

Also - I'm coming home! The last weekend in March (27-29) I'll be in Orlando. So if you're there, call me! It'll be so great to see everyone and be in the Florida sun. And before that I'm going to New Orleans for a few days! Hooray! 

So all in all things are great!

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