Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween fun

You can't have a fashion blog without talking about the wonderful holiday of Halloween. This holiday was made for fashion. I mean, when else is it socially acceptable for you to be in costume out in public? Never. Fabulous.

Now, there are basically three groups of people who dress up for Halloween:
1. The too-cool-for-school people who show up to parties in their regular shows and just say they're some celebrity or something.
2. The slutty girls who take this opportunity to wear next to nothing out in public by just inserting the word "sexy" in front of their costumes: sexy nurse, sexy police officer, sexy ref ... You get it. I admit, I'm a part of this group.
3. The uuber creative people who spend all year planning their costumes and who make them from scratch.

This is the one time of year I totally encourage breaking all the rules of fashion. Go out, make a fool of yourself, take pictures, eat too much candy and love every minute of it.

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Lisa H said...

Ooh, don't forget about the crafty procrastinators who wait till the week before Halloween to decide on a costume, but then get really lucky with thrift store finds and manage to come up with something no one else has.

Okay, that might be too difficult for a whole category.