Friday, August 22, 2008

Plan B

I came to a crossroad of sorts this week. I realized that my original plan to move to New York by December just won't work. My main source of money to move was going to come from the sale of my car, but a quick call to Carmax to find the payoff of it quickly changed that. Turns out, I owe more on my car than it's worth. I was hoping to get about $5,000 from it, and then about $1,000 from my furniture to have a nice buffer of $6,000 to move with. That hope was gone.

So after about an hour of panicking, I came up with a Plan B:

My lease is up in December, and I'm going to move back into my parent's place in Orlando. I'm hoping to get some kind of retail job during the day, and a serving job at night and will basically work as much as possible without having to pay rent and utilities. The next fashion week is the first week of February, so I'm hoping to do the same kind of thing I'm going to do in a couple weeks, either another internship or hopefully a paid position if I really blow them away this time. I want to have enough saved to move in March, that way I'll be coming off the work I did in February.

The more I think about it, the more I think this is a better plan anyway. I was feeling really rushed about moving in December, and this way I can take my time and do it right. I'll also have more experience on my resume with working another fashion week, and it should be easier to get a job right when I get there. Hopefully I'll do such a fabulous job in February that I'll have an offer waiting. Who knows.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Roll with the punches ... add any other feel-good cliches here.

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