Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 2: Networking and Nicole Miller

So Laurie and I both got to the tents at 4 yesterday, and what a different atmosphere it was! We walked around a bit and then started working the room.

After meeting a few people, we bumped into Terry again who introduced us to Karen. Karen is the owner of a modeling agency in Maine and a social butterfly if I ever saw one. After mingling for a bit and networking with other new friends, we had a mission: sneak into the Nicole Miller show.

Karen then set out to make it happen. She befriended a security guard last year, so we tried him first. He got her in, but was no help to Laurie and I. So after we were sure the coast was clear, we snuck under the ropes. Then Karen gave us our instructions: Stay in the middle of the line, don't make eye contact and just go in like you belonged. And we did! We swooped past the guards and scrambled to find a place where we could see. Laurie and I both found a place just big enough behind two other taller girls near the end of the runway. Here's the finale:

It was such an awesome show. When one thinks of Nicole Miller, thoughts of matronly business wear usually comes to mind. Well, throw that out the window for next season! This is the inspiration for her line, as stated in the folder on every seat:

"The girl has a tougher edge. Pushing forward body consciousness. Reinventing fabric manipulation. A modern take on prints. Experimenting with new technology and abstracting traditional craft."

Liquid leggings, cropped leather jackets, asymmetrical cuts and different textures made the line look rocker-chic. I'm definitely going to be shopping at her store next spring.
I'm taking today off from the Tents. We didn't have any tickets today and there's still four more days to soak in as much fashion as we can stand. So Rich and I are going to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and then meeting up with some friends to watch the USF game. Go Bulls!

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